Dr. Trinh Viet Dung, PhD

February 21, 2022

Dr. Viet Dung Trinh is the Project Director for the Agile & Innovation Center and the Academic Program Director for the College of Business and Management at VinUniversity in Hanoi. Before moving to Hanoi, he has held an array of positions in higher education, from university teaching to managing joint degree programs, and strategic partnership development for the International University – Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City, with a focus on advancing educational quality and student experience. He continues to maintain a high caliber profile in a wide range of industry sectors, where his extensive industry and research expertise have led to much success. Recent portfolios include FE credit, Honda, and Sabeco.

Dr. Trinh has extensive experience teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in Asia and Australia. His research agenda is centered on premium branding, customer experience design, and marketing technology application. Multiple national and international conferences have included his presentations on marketing, premium branding, and customer experience design. Additionally, he has published widely in journals, book chapters, and other publications.