Challenge Bigger Problems: Next Challenge Global Company Building Conference with Try Everything 2023

September 19, 2023

The Next Challenge Foundation’s conference, held in conjunction with the Try Everything 2023 entrepreneurial festival, concluded successfully on September 15th from 14:00 to 16:00 (Vietnam time) in Seoul, South Korea.

The “Next Challenge Global Venture Building Conference with Try Everything 2023” brought together a diverse group of brilliant entrepreneurs and professionals from around the world. Various networking activities were hosted, with an emphasis on the significance of global community building and market trends in the ASEAN startup ecosystem.

At the event, young attendees had the opportunity to listen to esteemed speakers, including Rocky Kim, CEO of Next Challenge Foundation, Jade Choi, Director of Next Challenge Foundation, and Julia Ngoc Nguyen, Project Manager at VinUniversity Entrepreneurship Lab.

With the participation of experienced speakers from multiple countries who have contributed to driving growth of entrepreneurship field, the conference has provided valuable insights on the entrepreneurial journey, from conceiving ideas and planning to resource acquisition and project implementation, while bringing precious opportunities for passionate young individuals eager to venture into entrepreneurship.

Joining this meaningful event, Ms. Julia Ngoc Nguyen, Project Manager at VinUniversity Entrepreneurship Lab hopes to inspire and bring immense value to the young participants by sharing essential skills and tools needed to embark on the journey of turning entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

“Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey, but it is undoubtedly a worthwhile one. Never fear failure; enjoy every step you take and learn from every challenge.”

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