July 30, 2023

With the support of VinUniversity’s Entrepreneurship Lab, we are excited to announce the upcoming podcast series “PODCAST ASIAN FOUNDERS & FUNDERS” hosted by the renowned Entrepreneurship Professor and serial entrepreneur, Marc Kramer. The series is all set to go live this July.

The first episode will be aired on Monday, July 31, and will be conducted in English. Our special guest for this inaugural episode is Tham Nguyen – a talented VinUniversity student from the School of Business Administration and the co-founder of SpeakLab and SNAPix.

🔹 “PODCAST ASIAN FOUNDERS & FUNDERS” promises to be an exceptional program where listeners will explore incredible stories from leading entrepreneurs, investors, as well as top-notch scholars and authors in the Asian startup community. The program will be broadcast live through Zoomcast, bringing you the secrets of success, lessons from failures, and exciting opportunities in the startup world.

🌟 About the founder of “PODCAST ASIAN FOUNDERS & FUNDERS” – Professor Marc Kramer:

  • Formerly taught at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.
  • The founder of “The Pennsylvania Private Investors Group”, an angel investors network.
  • Served as the executive director of the Angel Venture Fair, an event that brings together angel investors and startups.
  • Author of the book “Small Business Turnaround”, listed among the top 30 business books by Executive Book Summaries.
  • The host of “The Best Business Minds”, a podcast series that has won 6 international awards and has attracted audiences from over 70 countries.
  • A serial entrepreneur with a track record of launching and managing over 25 successful startup companies, raising a total of 3.2 billion USD in funding.
  • Currently, a senior lecturer in Entrepreneurship at VinUniversity’s School of Business Administration.

🔹 The first episode of the podcast series is titled “Meet VinUni rising junior & Vietnamese Serial Entrepreneur Tham Nguyen” – featuring Tham Nguyen, a student from VinUniversity’s School of Business Administration and the co-founder of SpeakLab and SNAP AI Studio.

  • Time: 12:00 – 13:00, Monday, July 31, 2023 (Vietnam Time)

👉 Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to learn and be inspired by influential figures in the startup industry. Register now using the link below and join us in this captivating podcast series:

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