VinUniversity Hackathon – 36 Continuous Hours, Pushing Your Own Limits

May 06, 2021
  • VinUniversity’s entire student body gather and work for 36 hours to deliver a mobile app that solves society’s most pressing issue – Air pollution.
  • Put themselves under pressure and develop a problem-solving mindset.
  • Students from different Colleges work as teams, utilizing each’s own strengths and capabilities to come up with an interdisciplinary approach.
  • A total of 15.000 USD will be awarded to the 5 best projects to fund the products’ implementation.

Those are what to expect at this intense event at VinUniversity – stressful – but bursting of energy.

In order to complete the Agile Innovation module, rather than participating in traditional exams, all first year students at VinUniversity will cooperate to overcome this Hackathon challenge – designed to equip students with creative and efficient problem-solving skills.

Based on a real-world social problem – Air pollution, students will conduct research, and from there, develop prototypes, with an aim to deliver a comprehensive and realistic solution.

Judges will consist of forefront experts, leaders, entrepreneurs in various industries. VinUniversity Hackathon will be led by Reactor School Singapore, together with experts and lecturers of the Agile Innovation subject.

Founded in 2012, Reactor School is considered Southeast Asia’s top start-up education program. Partners of Reactor School include 50 educational institutions such as National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technology University and United World College.

With just 36 hours, every minute is extremely precious. We hope students will maintain resilience, find passion in research and deliver the most efficient and creative product to improve air quality.

(*) Hackathon is a common term in IT, referring to a method of assessment for software development. One of Hackathon’s typical characteristics is teams performing concentrated work in a short amount of time – continuously from 1 to 3 days to create a software that solves a particular problem posed by the competition.
By now, Hackathon has become a common form of assessment that attracts the attention of investors looking to identify talents and innovative solutions. Big tech companies such as Google, Facebook all organize internal Hackathons to galvanize ideas and encourage experts’ creativity.