Want to establish a Start-up? – What opportunities can VinUniversity provide?

August 20, 2021

“Entrepreneurship is a Team Sport” – said Prof. Steven Gal, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Cornell University, at the “The Role of Pioneers” start-up workshop that was jointly organized by VinUni and its strategic partner – Cornell University.

According to the Professor, the human factor plays an extremely important role in start-ups. Many start-up ideas can be initially judged as impossible, even crazy, but with the right partner (co-founder), who believes in your mission and works together with you to realize your idea, then your chances of success will grow much higher.
At VinUniversity, with the community of talents from various fields (business management, engineering and computer science, health science), students can find friends with similar interests, ideals, ambitions and determination to actualize their dreams.
With the goal of becoming a university steeped in entrepreneurial spirit, VinUni’s curriculum is designed to give students the opportunity to nurture their passion for entrepreneurship and develop breakthrough ideas.
✔️ Right from their first year, students are taught the Agile Innovation Course, which provides students with foundational knowledge about entrepreneurship.
✔️ As a completion requirement for the course, students must participate in a Hackathon. In the span of 36 hours, students from different colleges have to work together to develop a mobile app that most-efficiently solves society’s biggest issue – Air pollution.
✔️ The most excellent projects will be selected for VinUni’s Incubator Program. The school will act as both an investor and a companion to help students realize their ideas.
✔️ The Incubator Program is mentored by the Reactor School, Southeast Asia’s leading entrepreneurship institution. Through the Incubator Program, teams will get to experience the crucial steps of running a start-up, such as Fundraising, Prototyping, Pricing, Sales,…
✔️ The Entrepreneur Lab was founded by VinUni to help develop students’ start-up ideas, and to provide them the opportunities to interact with and learn from renowned experts and entrepreneurs.
In an environment where students are given opportunities to learn and practice establishing start-ups together with talented peers from various fields, we hope that VinUni students will be able to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit as well as find reliable partners for their journey to success.