Start-up Mentoring Program

The Startup Mentoring Program is developed by Elab to connect entrepreneurs-in-residence with students and teams at VinUni who have startup ideas. This arrangement allows mentors to enhance their mentorship skills and give back to the community, while mentees get the help they need to achieve their personal/professional goals, and developing more confidence in turning their ideas into feasible solutions for wide adoption.

Other mentoring programs may be quite general and help you with different aspects of your personal and professional development. Our program focuses on helping you solve challenges related to turning your innovative ideas into reality, gain skills related to innovation and entrepreneurship, and create real-world impacts.



You only need to be a VinUnian with an innovative idea and commitment to learn and grow. No further requirement is needed. Get more information and register via this link:



With a mentor pool of 50+ industry mentors in diverse fields (startup founders, CEOs, venture capitalists, social entrepreneurs, UX/UI experts, accountants, professors, etc.), our mentorship programs generally fall into one of three program formats which are built based on actual needs of mentees, each with their own opportunities and challenges:

  • Start-up idea stage: Consult mentees who have a startup idea and wonder how to turn the idea into reality and share difficulties they can face with.
  • Start-up incubation: Support mentees to deal with difficulties in operating, building catchy Pitch Deck, launching MVP to the market or connecting resources to promote the product market. Moreover, in this stage, mentees also get advanced training by industry leaders and founders for start-up teams.
  • Fundraising stage: Assist mentees in calculating company valuation and cap table, building term sheets and connecting with external investment funds and angel funds.



Elab carefully selects a limited number of experienced mentors who play a number of roles based on the needs of each individual and team. The advisory board helps students in the following ways:

Ask tough questions

Ask tough questions

Advisory board members ask tough ‘critical path’ questions designed to help our team’s to improve their concepts.

Provide perspective

Provide perspective

Advisory board members provide perspective on issues ranging from the start up process and fundraising, to product development and distribution of equity to employees. They bring their experiences and wisdom to the table to help our teams succeed.

Provide feedback

Provide feedback

Advisory board members provide regular feedback on strategy, products, pricing, sales strategy, marketing plans, investor decks, legal factors and many of the other issues that entrepreneurs explore as they undergo their journey.

Our Mentors

Our Testimonials

Khanh To

Khanh To, Founder of Mediaverse Project

Our mentor helped us a lot during our idea development stage. He also has good connections among the start-up community which could be really beneficial to our team! He is supportive and very accessible!

Tran Tue Nhi

Tran Tue Nhi, Founder of NextGenX Project

Insightful comments and feedback from the mentors. We really appreciate how engaging both of them were and genuinely wanted our product change for the better.

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